July 11th, 2013

Zimbra Email

What is the web address to log-on to Zimbra?

Go to webmail.upsi.edu.my and select Staff Webmail from the Pages menu.

Can I use Mozilla Thunderbird with Zimbra?

Yes. Zimbra allows an email client of this type to be used. However, if you shared folders to other users in Thunderbird, this feature will no longer be available.

Can I use Thunderbird local folders with Zimbra?

The use of local folders is not supported via the web based Zimbra client access, however, local folders can be accessed as long as you continue to use the Thunderbird client software. Information Technology is continuing to investigate the possibility of alternate email storage solutions. The campus community will be notified once a solution has been identified.

What are the incoming and outgoing servers be with Zimbra?

Please refer to the user manual which can be downloaded from ICT Center website, from the Services menu.

How much space do I have with Zimbra?

Faculty/Staff have 2 gigabyte of space by default.

Can I switch the inbox to view messages by sender rather than date?

If you view your messages in the “Message View” mode, you can click on the “From” column header. This will sort the message senders alphabetically, or reversed if you click again.  Similarly, you can sort by “Subject” or “Received.” However, if you view your messages in the “Conversation View” mode, you can only sort by Subject and Received, not by From.

Can I add graphics/logos to the Zimbra signature?

The Zimbra signature does not currently support graphics or html (text only).

Why does my Drafts folder in Zimbra keep saying I have messages in it when I know I don’t?

This has to do with the difference in the way that Zimbra handles drafts versus the way Thunderbird does it. To clear this up, go into Thunderbird, right-click on your Drafts folder, and select “Compact”.

How can I setup Zimbra to spell check my email automatically prior to sending?

When using the server based Zimbra client, you must manually select spell check prior to sending each email.

How do return receipts work in Zimbra?

The Zimbra webmail interface does not support creating or responding to return/delivery receipts in the current version. Return receipts continues to be an option when using Thunderbird as your email client.

Why do I get extra lines between paragraphs when I create an email message?

This is actually a problem only if you are using the Internet Explorer browser, i.e., it does not happen with Firefox. If you use Internet Explore you can use Shift+Enter instead, to get a regular single-spaced line break, whereas just Enter creates the double-spaced line break.

Is there a way for Zimbra to notify you of a new email message that has come in?

Not yet, although this has been requested from Zimbra, and the option to make it audible. An appointment message pops up, but we have requested this be made with an audible option as well.

Is there a way to print an email message before you send it?

Save your message as a draft. Then you can go to your draft folder (now bolded since you have a draft in it), and single click on the message. You’ll see the Zimbra menu bar with a Print icon. Double click to edit the message or send.

How do I compose messages in HTML as opposed to plain text?

In the Options tab, click on the General sub-tab, change the “Default Editor” from “Text” to “HTML” and click the Save button.

How do I make the BCC field show along with the TO and CC fields?

When composing an email, click the “Options” button (not to be confused with the Options tab), and select “Show BCC field”.

Is there a way to customize your dictionary?

At the present time, no. We have been informed that Zimbra is working on this for a future version.

Is there a way to sort sent mail?

Sent mail, or mail in any folder you’ve created, can be sorted by simply clicking on the header (”To”, “Subject”, “Sent”, etc).

How can I delete (or file, or mark as junk) more than one message at a time?

To select all of the messages on your screen, click the check box next to the red flag in the email header or click the first message, then hold down your Shift key and click the last one. The first and last messages, along with all of the ones between, are now selected and can be moved or deleted. To select only certain emails from your list, click the first, then hold down your Ctrl key and click on the others to select them.

How can I fix the issue with not being able to type in the body of a newly composed email?

There is an issue with IE where the user cannot write in the email body text box. To fix the problem the user can either compose in HTML, which can be set as the default (click Preference > Composing > set Compose to “As HTML” > Save), or to have some text already in the message box. This can be done by having a signature set, even if it is something as simple as –. (click Preference >Signatures > click Edit > name the signature and input a signature (something as simple as — should be sufficient) > Save).

Why when printing messages in Firefox do I get random characters and symbols (machine language)?

There is an issue with Firefox where some emails will print as machine code not real text. To print properly, open IE and print.

Can I still use my Palm or Treo PDA device with Zimbra?

Yes. Both of these devices are supported.

I do not own a Palm or a Treo.  Can I use another PDA device with Zimbra?

The Zimbra website contains information pertaining to other PDA devices not supported by the college.

Click here to for more information.

How can I have my Treo set to accept meetings for my native time zone even when I am away?

For example, if I am away in California and a meeting is set to Pacific time, how can I accept it in Eastern time?

Please use the following procedure:

Select the Start menu->

Select Settings->

Select the “System” tab->

Select Clock & Alarms->

Select the “More” tab->

Uncheck “Enable local network time”

How can I have my email and my calendar open at the same time?

Since Zimbra is a browser-based application, you can open up multiple windows of Zimbra through your Internet client.

For those used tabbed browsers, many have found it useful to open Zimbra twice, once with the application showing Mail and a second time with it showing Calendar.

For those without tabbed browsers, you can open your browser to Zimbra Mail and then open a new session to Zimbra Calendar.

What if I need more help with Zimbra?

Zimbra has a built in help resource. Answers to many questions can be found by clicking on the Help Icon.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, the Help Desk has people trained in Zimbra to help you. Call the Help Desk at 5826.

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